Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Welcome to Erie Energy Products!


The folks at Erie Energy Products have over thirty years of experience manufacturing quality cellulose insulation products. We start with the procurement of the highest quality newspaper stock and utilize a proven fire retardant process that includes 99.9% Pure Boric Acid along with other quality retardants.  Our manufacturing process begins with the handsorting of the newsprint which virtually eliminatesplastic, metals and other foreign objects that can cause application difficulties and equipment damage.  Finally, our product is tested in both our in-house lab and by a third-party testing laboratory. When you use

ThermShield Cellulose Insulation Products manufactured by Erie Energy Products, you can use them with confidence.

Quality Doesn’t Just Happen

It's a result of planning and purpose...





ThermaShield Stabilized


ThermShield Stabilized is manufactured with a dry adhesive that is activated by adding a small amount of moisture during application.  ThermShield Stabilized provides an extremely low dust application process and virtually no settling. The ThermShield Stabilized Wall-Spray System completely fills the wall cavity to eliminate gaps and voids to minimize heat loss and air infiltration.

ThermaShield Loose-Fill


ThermShield Loose-Fill is manufactured specifically for attic-blow and dense-packing wall applications. Cellulose insulation provides a superior method of insulating older homes. The smaller fibers allows the insulation to fill the smallest spaces. The higher density minimizes energy-robbing air infiltration. With ThermShield Loose-Fill, walls are fully and tightly insulated, forming a monolithic thermal and acoustical barrier. No more gaps. No more voids.  No more drafts. Just years of comfort.  Adding ThermShield Loose-Fill to existing insulation in the attic not only adds R-value, it actually restores the effective R-value that fiberglass insulation loses during cold weather.

Copyright 2007 - 2010 by Erie Energy Products, Inc.
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